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200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Dharamshala

200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala

Come, experience the peace and quiet of a life of a yogi in Dharamshala!

200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Dharamshala

Dharamshala. With its cedar forests and beautiful hillside, this place in the North of the country of course has a lot to offer you. But there’s something more. So, if you want a more productive vacation that sends you back home as someone with a healthier lifestyle, we, at Rishikesh, invite you to our yoga teacher training in Dharamshala.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala

Come, spend a month or so with us and we will teach you how to make the most of your time in the hillside to learn the right way of living, eating, exercising, chanting and so on. And the good news is that we at Rishikesh are more than just a yoga training school. Here we make you trainers. Because no one coming here to learn the art goes back without the passion to spread their learning and make this world a better place.

And we are prepared for that too. So, what you learn here are not just the many asanas and breathing techniques taught to most students but deeper concepts of yoga where you learn its philosophy, understand the anatomy of the human body and finally, the various teaching methodologies that can bring out the best in your yoga classroom.

So, make up your mind and tell us. What do you prefer? Just an ordinary holiday of sight seeing in the hillside or a productive time out you need to go back and handle all those mails, targets and other aspects of your routine better?

What Will You Learn At The Yoga TTC in Dharamsala?

Yes, we know that spending your time in Dharamshala with us is a decision you took with great trust in us to make your lives better, and we won’t let you down. Here we give you a brief of what your days with us are going to be like and what you can expect from us.

  • Once you come to Dharamshala, we present to you an in-depth understanding of the three different streams of yoga. Hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga and vinyasa yoga are all separate categories with their own ways to benefit the body and the mind. Come discover the beauty of each of these in our many sessions and let them work their way into making your body and mind better.
  • If you are expecting daunting sessions that are going to leave you feeling punished at the end of the day, then let us tell you that here we feed your mind too. You also get to set back and relax as we give you theory sessions which are much needed for you to have a deeper knowledge of the art form called yoga.
  • Unlike most places, here you get a good stay without all the fancy food that makes you guilty at the end of your stay. Instead what you do get is fancy food that changes your way of living and eating. You learn how to eat smart and eat right.
  • Yoga is not all about exercising and meditating. We know that human beings need fun too, and here we show you how to have fun as a yogi, as we take you on excursions and sightseeing trips to make you feel lighter and enjoy your YTTC in Dharamshala.
  • We know you are going to go back to a world of daily responsibilities that could include household chores and never ending mails and targets at work. So, we at the yoga teacher training in Dharamsala teach you how to handle your personal and professional lives the way you have to for all the growth you need.
  • Every human being has something to give to the world, but sadly not many are aware of it. So, here in our 200 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamsala we teach you how to explore this area in your life and bring out your creative best.

Styles Of Yoga Practice

We mentioned that yoga is divided into three styles, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga and vinyasa yoga. Let us now have an in-depth look at each:

  • Hatha Yoga - This one forces you to get up and active. Yes, you can expect to lose some weight too. But apart from this, hatha yoga has benefits for the body. The various mudras, salutations and other poses do a world of good to your body that has been in need of some good exercise. What makes it different here is that here we give you all the guidance and training needed to practice them in the right way so as to make them effective and beneficial to your entire body.
  • Ashtanga Yoga - And then, we have Ashtanga yoga. If you have been living a very relaxed and comfortable life till now, Ashtanga yoga can come as the much needed change and improvement for you. This is a set of exercises that moves to purge the body, and you will be surprised with how far you can go, that is, if you are dedicated. And how can it not be with all the fun angles and warrior poses that we take you into?
  • Vinyasa Yoga - And now for a few sessions of relaxed yoga. With vinyasa yoga, you can finally seat yourself down to do some breathing to calm your body, mind and soul. Here we teach you different breathing techniques and give you an understanding of each of them. There are also some breathing techniques done in different yoga poses so you do get your body moving a bit too.

Course Schedule

So, are you excited? We are assuming that you are and to be honest we are as excited to have you at Dharamshala in our center, to make your trip here a fruitful one. And so, if you have made up your mind, have a look at our course schedule to decide and reach out to us, so we can know when in the following months to expect you:

200 Hours YTTC in Dharamshala

Start Date End Date Availablity Fee Booking
19 Apr 2021 12 May 2021 Available $1099 Enquire Now
21 May 2021 13 Jun 2021 Available $1099 Enquire Now
23 Jun 2021 16 Jul 2021 Available $1099 Enquire Now

Duration: 24 Days

300 Hours YTTC in Dharamshala

Start Date End Date Availablity Fee Booking
19 Apr 2021 20 May 2021 Available $1499 Enquire Now
21 May 2021 21 Jun 2021 Available $1499 Enquire Now
23 Jun 2021 24 Jul 2021 Available $1499 Enquire Now

Duration: 32 Days

Syllabus of the YTTC in Dharamshala

Your learning at the YTTC in Dharamshala is going to be as varied that you will be surprised at the amount of fun you have with us along with all the learning that you get to do. Here, we give you a knowledge filled and fun filled time with a lot of cherishable memories you can take back with you. Here, you can have a look at what your days with us at the 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Dharamsala is going to be like:

Pranayama - In the peace and quiet of the hillside of Dharamshala, you learn the different techniques of breathing and see how they can make a big difference to your life. In these sessions, you learn:

  • The benefits of pranayama
  • How pranayama directs your lifestyle
  • Your body and how it responds to pranayama
  • How pranayama makes a difference to your health
  • Mudras and bandhas

Ashtanga Vinyasa - These can be the most fun and at the same time have just the right amount of challenge to add to the enjoyment and increase your determination. Here you learn:

  • Advanced postures
  • Yoga poses in different angles
  • Stretches, salutations, warrior poses and more

Vinyasa - These quiet sessions that link breathing to your body can benefit your body in a variety of ways. Here is what you learn:

  • Stretches with intensity
  • Pressure postures
  • Hand to toe stretch poses

Hatha Yoga - We won’t take you through any yoga course without the much needed hatha yoga and here’s what we include in these sessions:

  • Padmasana
  • More salutations
  • Joint movements

Meditation - If you have sessions on meditation, you realise how calm it can make you. And this is just the beginning at our yoga teacher training in Dharamsala. The following are what you learn:

  • Introduction and importance of meditation
  • How meditation affects, breath, overall health and reduces stress
  • Silent and dynamic meditation
  • Eliminating obstacles in meditation

Cleansing - Yoga is not just all about exercising and breathing. It is a way of life and internal cleanliness is one part of it that is believed to promote health in a big way. So, here we teach you:

  • Breathing techniques for cleansing
  • Salt water for cleansing
  • Rubber string cleansing

Detailed Study - Yoga is a vast body of knowledge. There is a lot you need to know and the more you know, the better you get at living a healthy way of life, overcoming its many challenges and being a source of inspiration to those around you. Let’s see what you learn in our theory courses here:

  • The respiratory system and its development with pranayama
  • The digestive system and its development through yoga
  • The muscular and skeletal system and its development with advanced poses
  • The spine and pelvic girdle and their anatomy
  • Pranayama and the nervous system
  • Yoga therapy
  • Preventing injury during yoga sessions

Sitting Postures - Yoga has some sitting postures that are as effective and beneficial as other poses. Here are two that we teach you in the YTTC in Dharamshala:

  • Seated forward bends
  • Staff pose

Teaching Practice - We don’t just plan to make you good yoga students here. We plan to make you teachers and instructors who are equally in passion about spreading the knowledge that you gain from us. For this, here’s what we take you through:

  • Teaching instructions
  • Demo sessions
  • Guidelines on how to align

Teaching Methodology - Teaching yoga is not about standing before a blackboard or a podium. There is a lot to it that you need to know if you wish to make a difference to the lives of your pupils. And we help you get there in the following ways:

  • Voice training and communication skills
  • Class structure and time management
  • Qualities of a teacher
  • Demonstrations, assistance, corrections and safety
  • Classroom management and preparation

Yoga Philosophy - Knowing the philosophy behind yoga can make a great difference to the way you approach and make it in this form of art. Come, learn from our sessions and you won’t agree with us better.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras  - And then we have the famous patanjali. We won’t miss them out in your yoga TTC in Goa. Following are what you will learn:

Anatomy and Yoga Therapy - You would want to know about the anatomy of the human body when you plunge into yoga. This way, you could get a better understanding of how you have been benefited in various ways through the days. So, we teach you:

  • Samadhi pada
  • Sadhana pada

Anatomy and Yoga Therapy - Yes, this is an integral part of yoga, and we keep it interesting for you. That being said, here is what we teach you:

  • The different systems of the body
  • Asanas and its various insights
  • The mechanisms of asanas

Your Stay At Dharamshala

No matter how good a place is, if you are not offered a decent accommodation, it is not exactly easy to go back with good memories. A vacation is fun, but traveling from home can take a toll and at the end of the day having a nice place to call home if only for a few days greatly helps.

And we know these things, and we do all that it takes to make your stay away from home with us cosy and comfortable. We put you in rooms that are clean and inviting and we give you all the basic necessities and facilities that you need so you don’t have to live out of a suitcase.

There’s WiFi for you to browse, laundry to make your work easier, bedsheets, pillows and blankets for a peaceful sleep and finally bathrooms with facilities like a good Western toilet, soap, hot water and even towels and toilet paper so you can enjoy all the hygiene you are used to back at home.

And, here is the best part. Dharamshala is a place that is relatively free of the noise of the hustle and bustle of big cities so this could be the best place for you to recharge and rewind with some time of silence and a lot of learning so you won’t go back home the same.

What You Will Eat On Your Vacation in Dharamshala

Now, here is a vacation that promises you that you won’t go home with a few extra kilos. Instead it could be quite on the contrary. Here, in Dharamshala you stay with us and eat good food, tasty food but healthy food, cooked by our experienced chefs and carefully planned by our experts on the basis of what is good for your body to bring out the best effects of your yoga sessions with us.

We give you sattvic meals that are the choice of most yogis. What do we mean by this? It is that this is food directed to keep you active, energetic and light through the day. No, we don’t feed you with a meal that you enjoy to feel sleepy and heavy at our afternoon sessions. The food that you eat here will go a long way in promoting healthy eating habits so when you go back home all those oily pancakes will no longer seem interesting.

But, before you assume that all you will be getting here is boring salads, let us tell you that our experts know what you need for your health and your taste buds, so don’t worry, here we give you a decent stay, a good time and good food too, with an advantage of good eating habits. Our food is organic. We serve yogic vegetables and fruit that are lactose free with ayurvedic properties.

We also pay attention to your special dietary requirements. All you have to do is mention your need to us and we will ensure that your issues are taken care of.

What Does Out YTTC in Dharamshala Include?

Come, take a look at what are the things you will enjoy here when you come to stay with us for the YTTC in Dharamsala:

  • Accommodation
  • Course material and texts
  • Vegetarian meals three times a day
  • Tours with sightseeing activities
  • Complimentary massage
  • A warm welcome with a mala, a refreshing drink and a fruit basket
  • Yoga mats and cleansing materials
  • Sweet memories

What Does the Course Fee Not Include?

That being said, let us now move on to look at the things that we do not include in our course fee. So, if there is anything among these that you are going to be needing in your stay with us, we request you to have prior arrangements made so you can be sure to enjoy a comfortable stay when you are with us:

  • Private Accommodation - Here, at Rishikesh, we do not make arrangements for private accommodation, so if for some reason you would like to stay away from our training center, ensure that you make all the necessary arrangements and suffice to know that we are going to miss having you stay with us.
  • Air Conditioner - While the weather in Dharamsala is fairly moderate and we provide fans in all rooms, be informed that if an air conditioned room is what you are looking for, you may have to provide some extra fees so we can accommodate you in one of our air conditioned rooms for a comfortable stay.


Here are some prerequisites that you need to be aware of and keep in mind when you prepare to come to Dharamasala so as to avoid any form of inconvenience or embarrassments during your stay with us. Like any other school, our training center in Dharamsala comes with a set of rules and regulations that would be helpful to follow.

For one, attendance is a must and we expect each of our students to be present and make the most use of our sessions planned for you. This discipline on your part is our concern so we make sure that you get your money’s worth and we fulfill our task of creating budding yoga trainers among you.

Unhealthy habits are a no no and are highly discouraged at our center. This again is in view of the concern for our students and we work towards eliminating from you all bad habits that include drinking, smoking, drug use or abuse and even consumption of caffeine or meat.

Please not, that each student walking into the campus of our training center for a YTTC in Dharamsala is precious to us and we wouldn’t want to lose any of you or deny you the opportunity to grow into the kind of healthy individuals that we want to make you. So, our humble request to you is that you bear with the rules and it is only going to be a matter of days when you will be telling us about the positive change it brought in your life!

Discipline Rules for Students

That being said, let’s move towards making life a little more easier and for that, here are a few disciplinary rules that we would ask you to keep in mind during the duration of your stay with us. Short and sweet, here they are:

  • Please don’t get caught with drinks, drugs, tobacco, meat or caffeine found among your possessions during your stay with us.
  • Please don’t miss classes unless you are sick or have some valid reason.
  • Please respect your teachers, other students and all around to make your stay a one of pleasant relationships.
  • Do inform us when you decide to fast or want to enjoy a meal outside for a change. Let’s not waste food and the efforts of your chefs.
  • Do return anything that you borrow from us before the day of your departure from us. Students coming after you could also be in need of them.
  • Invite friends or family but make sure to obtain an identification card from our front office to make life easy for all.

Refund Policy

Okay, so as to not leave you with any misunderstanding or confusion, we present to you here our policy of refund, up and clear. Ensure that you have a good look at it before you decide to enroll with us.

  • Any request for a refund will not be entertained. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  • However, if you can’t make it for a course you applied for, we can get this postponed for you to a later date.
  • The institution will help you with all assistance you need in setting up a course at a future date.

Course Summary

Course:-200 & 300 Hour YTTC In Dharamshala

Course Type:-In-Person

Duration:-24 Days, 32 Days

Price:-$1099, $1499

Enquire Now

Course Highlights

  • Hatha & Hatha Vinyasa
  • AshtangaVinyasa
  • Power & Flow Yoga
  • More In-depth PatanjaliYog Sutra, BhagvadaGeeta, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Etc.
  • Advanced Yoga Techniques
  • More in Depth Pranayama & Advanced Pranayama Techniques


Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is led by teachers who are not just experienced but also highly dedicated to transforming your life and showing you endless opportunities through learning.

Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh
Swami Sachidanand

Lead Trainer
(E-RYT 500 / 950 Hour Therapeutic AYTTC)

Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh
Nikhil Rawat

RYT-500 Advanced Ashtanga

Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh
Yogesh Jakhmola

RYT-200/300 Anatomy

Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh
Nina De La Fuente

RYT 500 Hatha / Ashtanga / Yin

Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh
Fani Hristova

RYT 200 Hatha / Tantra


So, if we have managed to convince you, then your registration as well as classes with us are just a click away. Lockdown you may be, but this won’t let us stop you from pursuing your passion of being a dedicated yoga trainer soon. Learn from us, and train others over the world from your screen too.

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Want to know a little about what other students like and say, who have come to us for courses & trainings! We give you all you need to know from their mouths, go ahead have a look and read.

I felt so fortunate to be able to study with Swami Sachidanand in Rishikesh. It was a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into the breath, prana and subtle body through beautiful practices and with such an inspiring teacher. I was lucky to join Swamiji’s program in Rishikesh, India, and it was a priceless experience! His program is unique and gives valuable knowledge not only about breathing techniques, but also about exercises and asanas you need to practice in order to reach your maximum efforts. I was able to increase my physical health and emotional well-being. I definitely recommend it to everyone and will be happy to join again! Many thanks to Swamiji!
Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh

Jennifer Flynn


I first heard of Swami-Ji from an eavesdrop of a group in a cafe in Rishikesh who were raving about how incredibly energetic they felt from this pranayama workshop. I swooped in and discovered the whereabouts of Swami-Ji at his guest house and immediately felt his purity and was eager to join his class. It was beyond a wonderful, compassionate experience that opened me up energetically and was complimented the recent completion of my YTT. I connected so much with Swami and the nature of the course that I recommended at least 10 more friends to sign up and try it out. If you are lucky to have the chance to be in the presence of Swami-Ji, don’t let it slip away!
Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh

Allison Potler


It was a life-changing experience with Swami Sachidanand Ji. Such a patient, humble, and the knowledgeable person he is. I am changed physically, mentally, and emotionally. The 200hrs YTT course has surely deepened my knowledge and interest in yoga. We not only learned asanas but ashtanga vinyasa asana, pranayama and meditation as well. Excellent course! Highly recommended
Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh

Snehal Korpe


I was lucky to join Swamiji’s program in Rishikesh, India, and it was a priceless experience! His program is unique and gives valuable knowledge not only about breathing techniques, but also about exercises and asanas you need to practice in order to reach your maximum efforts. I was able to increase my physical health and emotional well-being. I definitely recommend it to everyone and will be happy to join again! Many thanks to Swamiji!
Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh

Anastasia Blizno


I highly recommend Swami Sachidanand's classes, as well as his therapeutic Yoga whole heartedly. His combination and integration of a scientific background with the yogic approach is absolutely unique, truly enriching and simply amazing and good.
Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh

Anne Zehendner


I'm very grateful that I know Swami Ji. I finished 3 of his courses and it was one of the best experiences in my life! If you have a chance to practice with him, do yourself a favor - go for it! I also organized 2 seminars with him in Moscow, cos I wanted so much to help him to share his unique knowledge with my students snd friends. So, yeah, I'm HIGHLY RECOMMEND all his courses!
Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh



I recently finished 200h yoga TTC with D'vine yoga. It was deeply spiritually moving experience for me. I have learned different styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa yoga and powerful Ashtanga Yoga which i loved the most. We learned also about anathomy ana phisiology and it helps a lot to go safely and deeper into our practice. It made my life more abundant in many ways. I felt more happier and fullfiled after the whole online program. We learned so much about asanas, and beautiful mantras, healing breathing techniques as Kapalbhati and Pranayama which make us more energetic and vibrant 😍 Swami is a great and very patient and loving teacher and he knows very beautifuly and authentically to teach and spread the knowledge and yoga.
Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh

Ana Stojanovska


I recently completed the teacher training With Swamiji. I am short of words to describe what a beautiful Inner journey it's been with them. The training comprised all styles including hatha , ashtanga, vinyasa flow. All the teachers who taught us were experts in their areas and taught us with full devotion and presence. The trainings worked beautiful in the virtual format - the teachers observed us and corrected us as necessary - Always encouraging us to try our best to get to our full potential. We learnt yoga how it began, what it entails, what it means and what it could bring to our lives. The sessions included detailed anatomy classes so we understand the asanas and our body a lot more in detail and make the most out of our yoga practice. The theory classes , the asanas demonstration, application of therapeutic yoga to help our students was all taught in the right level of details.
Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh

Suruchi Bharati


I recently completed online 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Dvine Yoga. The training was very well structured & paced. We got to learn different styles of yoga such as Hath yoga, Ashtaga yoga, Vinyasa style & information about restorative yoga. In addition to the asanas, we learned about pranayama, anatomy, & yoga philosophy. The meditations that Swamiji conducted were amazing. I would highly recommend Dvine Yoga if you are looking for a good online teacher training.
Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh

Charuta Joshi



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